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About Little Arty
& her studio

I am a visual artist and content creator born and based in Adelaide, South Australia and I go by my online alias Little Arty.

I create digital & traditional art along with graphic design for individuals, content creators, and businesses. The human figure, (specifically yoga poses) and geometric shapes feature a lot in my artworks. My style of art could be considered abstract and it is influenced by artists like Henry Moore, Rodin, Sol LeWitt, the Art Deco style, and the Minimalism art movement. In graphic design, I prefer clean and clear lines with a modest selection of colours.

I was a very imaginative and hands-on kind of kid and I never really grew up, so as an adult after a few twists and turns I ended up studying to be a professional artist. Studying art at a tertiary level was very rewarding. I learned that as much as I loved drawing with charcoal, I loved learning about different types of sculpture and that turned into my major.

In 2016 I leaped into the unknown and focused solely on my health and art practice. Around that time I was introduced to the Twitch live streaming platform and came up with the username Little Arty - because I am small and an artist.

The opportunity that live streaming art on Twitch presented in 2017 was that I could have a virtual open studio of sorts and hopefully demystify the process of making art. Aside from company for me while I worked, I wanted viewers to feel inspired.

The relevance of Twitch and my art practice was that it heavily influenced my artistic direction and I started to research digital art and graphics. The art medium I had the least interest in suddenly appeared to have a purpose and as the saying goes "necessity is the mother of invention."

If you'd like to read more about my artistic journey please check out my blog posts The Little Arty Studio Story.


Traditional Art

Initially, I started drawing Yoga poses to assist in the development of my figure sculpture skills. But after taking a few classes myself, I found that I had a better understanding of Yoga as a subject matter for my art style.
Of the many that I have drawn, these are some of my favourites. I use a combination of soft charcoal pencils (pitt, tinted and white) and either black or white drawing paper.


Abstract Digital Art

These digital paintings explore a concept about the relationship between colour, line and texture. I find them to be quite structured and a little bit of a contrast from the curved fluid figure studies.
The colour palettes are in part inspired by the beaches in my home city of Adelaide. I just love the textures of timber jetties, the sand and the sea.


Previous Art Commissions

These pieces all have some reference to the individual they were commissioned by, whether it be the pose that I used as a reference or the colours I incorporated.
I used a digital art program called ArtRage and it replicates the visual qualities of mediums such as oil paint and pastels with a remarkable level of accuracy.


I am self-taught for the most part when it comes to graphic design. It came out of necessity when I started live streaming and I wanted to have graphics that were unique to my channel. After live streaming some of my graphic design attempts, I had a few people request I create graphics for them. I now create graphic elements for small businesses and live streamers.


Logo Design & Branding


Twitch/Youtube Scenes & Graphics


Emotes & Badges

Custom Artwork Price Guide

I have listed prices for a selection of custom artworks.
But I would love to hear from you about your idea!

Traditional art

Your one-of-a-kind custom artwork is created by hand using quality materials and shipped to you. (Postage Additional)

  • 5x7 inch: $45

  • 6x8 inch: $55

  • 8x10 ich: $65

Digital Art (Printed)

Yout artwork is created digitally, printed, then shipped. (postage additional)

  • 5x7 inch: $40

  • 6x8 inch: $50

  • 8x10 ich: $60

Digital Art (Download)

Your artwork is created digitally, then emailed to you.
It will be suitable for printing at a photo kiosk such as Kmart or Big W

  • 5x7 inch: $30

  • 6x8 inch: $40

  • 8x10 ich: $50

Message Little Arty Studio

Graphic Design Price Guide

I have listed prices for a selection of graphic design items suitable for small business and content creators.
But I would love to hear from you about your idea!

Logo Design

Your logo is designed in full colour and black & white, for use online or hardcopy, then emailed to you.

  • Logo: $100

Social Media Graphics

Graphics designed to suit social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook & Instagram and then emailed to you.

  • Social Media Platform Banner (ie Twitter Header & Facebook Profile/Page Banner): $25

  • Instagram Album Covers: 3 for $20

Live Streaming Graphics

Graphics designed to suit content creation platforms such as Twitch, YouTube & Facebook and then emailed to you.

  • Twitch/YouTube Stream Scene Pack (set of 4 static non-animated scenes): $60

  • Twitch/YouTube Channel Banners: $25

  • Twitch Panels: Standard: $8 each. Large: $10 each

  • Twitch/Discord Emoticons: $20 each

  • Twitch Subscriber/Cheer Badges: $15 each

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Little Arty Studio Graphic Design & Custom Artwork Terms & Conditions

  1. Indicated prices are in Australian Dollars.

  2. The artist reserves the right to decline a commission request, for reasons such as (but not limited to); they feel it is not within their skillset, conveys/depicts a sensitive/is a culturally inappropriate topic.

  3. Commissioned artworks and graphics, (except for business-specific graphics) are not permitted to be used for commercial purposes/merchandise use without the consent of Little Arty Studio (additional fees apply)

  4. Commissioned artworks and graphics are made specifically to the requirements of the platform they will be used on.

  5. Little Arty Studio endeavors to complete all commissions in a timely fashion and will always ensure her clients are satisfied with their commissioned artwork or graphics by providing proofs during the process and before sending the completed commission.

  6. Customers are advised of an estimated cost where possible before work on their commission is commenced. As such prompt payment via PayPal is requested on completion of the commissioned work.

  7. Little Arty Studio will not provide the source/working files used to create commissioned artworks or graphics, only the finalised files will be provided to clients, there may be exceptions to this if the reasons are sufficient.

  8. Little Arty Studio retains the right to use the commissioned artworks and graphics for the purpose of self-promotion in order to obtain further commissions.

Message Little Arty Studio

Thank you

Little Arty Studio will respond to your message as soon as it is practicable.
Please keep in mind that business hours are 9am to 3pm
(Australian Central Daylight Savings Time) Monday to Friday.

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